Rachael Lampa “Feel”


Earlier this year, in February actually, we had the honor of hosting Rachael Lampa here at 3 Studios. She flew in to cameo on Jonathan Thulin’s album “The White Room.” While here, we spontaneously decided to shoot a music video for her song “Feel” in an abandoned house. Jonathan does enjoy random acts of “why don’t we just…” and the rest is history!

Now mind you, it was February, in Minnesota. It was cold! Of course, we had Rachael in a strapless gown for the shoot, so keeping her warm was both difficult and comical all at once! We brought out a propane heater to keep her toasty between shots, but we forgot one little detail… propane. Yup, the tank was empty. We got a mere three minutes out of it before it went “foof” and flamed out. 

Luckily, the footage was amazing (and Rachael did not get sick). Finally, we went to Nashville to shoot the final footage at a historical site near Franklin. Now it is in the hands of Rachael’s marketing team to figure out releases, promotion, etc. What a fun project! We also squeezed in a photo shoot while we were at it. I mean, why not?

Check out Rachael’s latest album “All We Need” in stores now and on iTunes and Amazon! www.rachaellampa.com