About a month ago I was shooting photos and video clips for a DJ who was playing at the Germanic American Institute in St. Paul, MN. Randomly, at this event, a tall German bloke approached me asking if I did professional video. Of course I said yes! After a 60 second interview on the spot (him drilling me), he asked me to meet with him regarding the production of tech support videos. Long story short, we were hired to shoot a simple series of short “how-to” videos about the myMix personal monitor mixer.

We shot live footage of the myMix being used, covering all sorts of topics like “how to update firmware” and “recording your session with myMix”. We then combined the footage with overdubs recorded in our studio, and in the end, had over 20 tech support videos available on myMix’s YouTube channel! These have also been translated into several other languages now.

As part of the package, we also did a short promotional video for myMix. It was a simple setup. Single camera against a myMix backdrop with our German friend sharing his passion for quality audio in personal monitor mixing! We also shot on location at Grace Church in Edina, and at Skyland Studios with Darren Rust!

Truth be told, I was impressed! I used to think Aviom was the bomb, but myMix blows it out of the water! Not only can you save your custom settings under profiles, but you can name each track individually, record your sessions/live gigs in hi-def wav files on an SD card, and you can send your mix to the network so others can hear it. Say for example that a drummer has all his mics routed into his myMix. Once he has a mix he is happy with, he can send his mix to all the other users on the network as a single stereo channel. They simply get his sub-mix, thus saving the audio engineer a bunch of time and routing. Pretty cool! But that’s enough about my opinion. 

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