The Revolution


A few weeks ago we were visiting a recording studio in Minneapolis, meeting new people and extending our network! While there we learned that they have a video department, just as we do, and that they needed a camera operator for an upcoming event. I gladly offered my services, and within minutes we had come to an agreement. What I did not know was that I had said yes to shoot photos and video footage behind closed doors as The Revolution rehearsed for their upcoming reunion concert! It was basically a 3-day gig. Before you ask, Prince was not there, but everyone else was! Bobby, Wendy & Lisa, Dez, Dr. Fink, Brownmark, and Eric. Even the original tech crews had come in to do the show!

So I spent 3 days hanging out with the legends, though I’ll be honest, the first day I didn’t even realize whom I was shooting! Yes it’s true… Regardless, at the end of the 3 days I asked if I could shoot the show, and was quickly given a backstage pass! Yes please! We shot video as well, though I didn’t get to keep any of that footage, I got to use the photos! I think the most fun part of all was that all the other photographers where stuck shoving each other around in the pit, while I was on the side skirts of the stage! I even got to mount a camera on the drum kit! I had such a blast on this project, and I can’t wait to see what they think of all the behind the scenes photos I took for them! 

(Pardon the watermarks, this was before I merged my David Thulin Photography with 3 Studios)