Bombs Away


What can I say about Bombs Away? First off, Jonathan is one of the Thulin brothers who works at 3 Studios. He is an extremely gifted songwriter, performer, recording artist, creative thinker, director, and producer! With that said, his project is a cutting edge vision of keeping the art form of music alive while penetrating the soul with a powerful and provoking message. 

We have been in production on Jonathan Thulin’s “The White Room” since February. In an earlier post you may remember that Rachael Lampa came to visit us. She is featured on the song “Bombs Away” that she co-wrote with Jonathan while on tour last year. 

For any of you who saw Jonathan’s video “Babylon” last year, we had the honor of working with the same film crew! Neumann Films flew in from Portland, OR, bringing their expertise and their RED Scarlet! Oh yes, we shot in 4k! We also used a Sony NEX fs700 for slow motion shots at 240fps and 1080p. Pretty sick! 

Set and Lighting: We utilized our new video soundstage here at 3 Studios. We built the white room and got ready for making a mess in it, three days in a row. The basic concept of the song is that the white, pure room is torn apart and dirtied up by our actions, and that Christ took those blemishes for us, ending with a clean white room. This posed quite the challenge with having to clean and paint the room after each shoot, and having it ready a few hours later to shoot the next scene! We shot three scenes total, and it worked out magnificently! Though, we ended up with a somewhat comical solution to our lighting. Rather than using Fresnel or Cold lights, we shot incandescent with construction lamps purchased at Walmart. Yup, I admit to it. We pulled off the entire lighting rig for $130 (minus two softboxes on tripods). 

Shooting with both a 10-foot dolly system, and an 11-foot crane, we were able to get some really creative shots of each scene! Keeping the gear clean was another matter! With flour, chocolate, powdered chalk, and more, flying through the air for three nights, it was a constant battle to stay clean! But, nothing a little plastic and a few homebuilt covers won’t fix! 

Jonathan’s album “The White Room” is already available in stores and digitally on iTunes and Amazon! Go check it out! The “Bombs Away” video will most likely be released after the New Year!

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